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What’s in the works now that Inner Origins is done?


I’m deep into the first draft of a new book and a new series. Calliope Winters is a 28-year old rock drummer in LA. She lives an easy, laid-back life. Everything is goinggreat…until a lunar eclipse triggers her latent ability to astral travel and read minds. Suddenly she’s thrown into a world she never imagined, filled with psyops, government intrigue, walkers and warpers. Intrigued? Song Walker is expected to release in early 2017 — join my mailing list to get chance to receive free advance reader copies (signup via

I’m also plotting a follow-up series to Inner Origins. 30 years after Siri saves the world, a new generation must step up and fight a new threat. What could go wrong in the new Utopia we were left with in Gifts of Elysielle?

No spoilers, sweeties! For now I will just say that not everyone is happy with the way things turned out…