The Warping – Full Disclosure

It’s time for full disclosure. Are you ready?

FULL DISCLOSURE is the third series from Ellis Logan, YA fantasy blending sinister alien activities with Logan’s signature fae magic and paranormal excitement.

Thirty years ago, my people emerged and saved the world. War, famine, disease: these are relics of the past. So what could possibly go wrong?
I come from a long line of powerful warrior fae, but I’ve got no powers, no social life, and I’d rather be home reading a book than dancing at a party. Thank the gods, school
is almost over and soon I’ll be hitting the trail, going on a month long hike with my friends before college starts. Trouble is, not everyone is happy with our modern utopia, and trouble is brewing. Even worse, no one knows what’s coming. When I wander into a secret enemy camp, can I save the people I care about? After all, I’m just one shy, powerless girl. Aren’t I?

Walk with Ana Alvarsson as she struggles to find out who she really is at heart.

Suitable for ages 13 to 105.

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5-star Reviews for The Warping:

What a cool addicting series. This is the first book I read by Ellis Logan and I am hooked.

Loved it! A finding yourself, you have value, love story. Very well written and hope to read more as it definitely goes on.

Wow, I loved this book, it kept me interested from the beginning. I really think that teens and young adults will love this story.

Another winner from Ellis Logan! Jump 30 years into the future from the “Flare” in Ellis Logan’s Gifts of Elysielle and find yourself in a world where peace abounds. Or does it? Follow Ana, Siri’s daughter on her journey as she is now asked to battle the dark forces that seem to be re-emerging since the “Flare”. This fast pace, action packed, magical story will have you on the edge of your seat as we watch Ana grow into herself. Full of plot twists and a great cliff-hanger ending that leaves you wanting for the next book in the series. As usual, the author, Ellis Logan, fills the pages with otherworldly details that leave you wondering if they are fact or fiction? Highly recommended!


Full Disclosure Book 2

Ana Alvarsson isn’t a child anymore. She’s done following the rules.

“Listen to your elders. Let the grown-ups take care of things. Be a good girl. Be perfect.”

But Ana’s too mad to bother trying to behave. Her parents have exiled her to Aeden to study and meditate with Airmed the Ancient while her boyfriend has been kidnapped by some seriously evil warpers. Every night, he haunts her dreams. How long can David survive the warpers’ experiments? No one wants Ana to go after him; they say it’s just too dangerous for a newly awakened water fae. Ana’s got the perfect plan to rescue him, and it’s only got one flaw… her.

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Full Disclosure Book 3

Ana Alvarsson isn’t even close to perfect.

She’s made a lot of mistakes, and she just might lose someone she cares about because of them. Now, in the thrilling conclusion to the Full Disclosure series, Ana will find out that sometimes the only way to shine is to admit you have flaws.

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