Can’t Wait for My Next Book Release?

Ooooh, look at the pretty, pretty book swag! (11×6″ Glossy Poster FREE for Blazing Bookdragons)

Neither can I! Lucky for you, I’ve created a new subscription-based program for readers who want things a little bit sooner, or just a little bit…I don’t know…more.

For just $1 a month, you can get exclusive access to chapters as I write. I’ll be posting at least 1-2 chapters a week via Patreon — the first three chapters of Dream Tracker, book two in the Starseeds series, are already up!

I’ve got tons of other rewards, too — first look at cover reveals, book swag, signed books, and yes, more! Patron tiers range all the way from Chapter Raptors and Beautiful Bookworks to Glorious Griffons, Wonderful Wyverns and Thrillseeking Thunderbirds. Choose your level, and let the adventure begin.

Remember, it’s fans like YOU who make it possible for me to spend less time focusing on marketing (yuck!) and more time writing (YAY!) which is just about the best gift I could ever, ever ask for.

Go on, check it out — you know you want to 😉


P.S. The Dream Tracker cover reveal is coming next week!