Chocolate, Life & the Art of Writing

Sometimes life gets in the way. If I’m sick or tired, it’s pretty much impossible for me to write. Sometimes the day is just too busy — too many errands to run, things to do with the family, you know the drill. That’s when I dive into my stash of chocolates and dried fruits and hunker down for some binge reading to recharge my body and soul.
Lately, I’ve found it more difficult to find time to sit and write — but I always make sure to pencil in those daily walks. Thank the gods for the gift of dictation! Just two days ago, I got 6000 words in on my new WIP during a 2-mile walk, AND after editing the pages I netted two new chapters.
Today, I’m not getting much down. The kids want to make their costumes for Halloween, and I’m helping my daughter work on some books of her own. Hope you all are having a lovely, luscious fall!