Dream Tracker Pre-Order & Giveaway

It was a glorious summer — great weather, wonderful time with the family, and best of all, I FINISHED Dream Tracker!

How do you follow your dreams when the stars are conspiring against you? That was a big question for me this year, but I am happy to say that both Callie and I have pulled through with rainbow sparkles in our hair and smiles on our faces.

Our favorite rocker is back with the gang and ready for action. Book Two in the Starseeds Series takes us on a wild journey across the globe, from Hollywood to the ancient underground cities of Cappidocia. Dark government plots and international intrigue are afoot, and Callie finds herself swept up in the action while she tries to juggle new powers and romance with an indomitable independent spirit.

The second installment in the Starseeds series is ready for pre-order on Amazon and releases in just a few short weeks. To celebrate, I am giving away TWO print copies via Goodreads, so after you’ve reserved your e-copy, make sure you head on over to Goodreads for your chance to win the real thing. I just love the smell of new books, don’t you?