Ellis Logan Interviewed by Fantasy Author E. Rachael Hardcastle

BG2I had the pleasure of meeting fellow fantasy author E. Rachael Hardcastle (Aeon Infinitum, Finding Pandora) this week for an interview.

ERH: Where do you get your ideas from?

EL: Most of my stories come to me when I am relaxed – the best ideas have come through dreams and meditation. Once I have a character in my head, they dictate most of the story to me – I barely have to think or plan at all, the words just flow. At night, I’ll dream with the characters and see new details and events in the story, or sometimes we’ll just explore their world. My first book, Shades of Valhalla, came to me one morning when I woke up. I heard the story title and the first few paragraphs, playing over and over in my head. I keep a journal by my bed so I wrote everything down, and the rest of the story came easily after that.

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