Ellis Logan Releases The Storming – Full Disclosure Book 2

Ana Alvarsson isn’t a child anymore. She’s done following the rules.

Listen to your elders. Let the grown-ups take care of things. Be a good girl. Be perfect.

Ana’s blood is boiling. Her parents have exiled her to Aeden to meditate with Airmed the Ancient while her boyfriend has been kidnapped by some seriously evil warpers. No one wants Ana to go after him; they say it’s just too dangerous for a newly awakened water fae. Every night, he haunts her dreams.How long can David survive the warpers’ experiments? Ana¿s got the perfect plan to rescue him, and it’s only got one flaw… her.

FULL DISCLOSURE is the third YA fantasy series from Ellis Logan, blending sinister alien activities with Logan’s signature fae magic and paranormal excitement.