It’s the week of love out there, and I’ve got lots to GIVEAWAY…

Post Magic is on sale for just a few more days at 99cents, and still free in KU! In fact, you could even win one of 10 free Valentine’s copies! Already finished reading? Please take a moment to show some love and leave a review.  

In other news, I’ve plotted out the entire story for Lost Moon, Book Two in a Post Magic World and I’m already three chapters deep! I should have some good excerpts and a cover reveal to share in a month or two — in the meantime, here is Nikta’s opening haiku:

moons gather as one
half the city celebrates –
the remainder prays

Now, head on over and download my gift to you: a FREE REVIEW COPY of Song Walker, Book One in the Starseed Series. It’s on sale through the weekend, so carpe diem!