Prizes, Box Sets and a BIG Audio Announcement (Can you say DYNAMITE!?!?!)

So much has happened this month, I can’t wait to share everything with you! Probably the most exciting thing for me is that I found out I won second place in the prestigious Momaya Press Short Story competition with my short story, “Howl.” It’s a coming of age story in a distant past, definitely a bit different from my regular fare.

My next fabulous news includes the kindle release of the Full Disclosure Box Set, so now you can read all three of my series for free if you are enrolled in an Amazon borrowing program: go ahead and start reading the Inner Origins 4-book Boxset or  start reading the Starseeds Duo today! Even if you aren’t part of an Amazon program, buying the boxsets will save you a few bucks off the regular prices.

AND I am excited to announce that we have finally released the audiobook for my first books, Shades of Valhalla. You can download it free with an Audible trial membership, so what are you waiting for?

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